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Indigenous Food Knowledge Series – Issue #2

In Canadian Food Safety Training’s second Indigenous Food Knowledge issue, Rollin Baldhead describes conversations with his family about our earth and the beautiful things it can provide for us. Through these important Earth Day discussions, he uncovers more indigenous food knowledge. The lessons we learn from askiy (Cree for land, the earth) “You wanna know […]

Indigenous Food Knowledge Series – Issue #1

We are very excited to announce that Canadian Food Safety Training is working with Indigenous Food Blogger Rollin Baldhead to present our new series of traditional food safety knowledge. This summer we will follow the stories of Elders across Canada, where they tell us all about how they use their knowledge of the land to […]

Keep Foods Safe: Follow the 2-Hour Rule

Keep yourself safe from nasty bacteria and food-borne illness, follow the 2-hour rule! It is very important that high risk foods stay in the fridge. These foods include meats, eggs, custards, rice, and many more. When you leave high-risk foods in the danger zone, they can grow bacteria very quickly. Always remember that foods are […]

Keep Foods Safe: Temperatures

You know about the 2-hour rule, but there we can still learn much more about preparing food safely! Learning what temperatures are safest for each meat is the easiest way to avoid food-borne illnesses. Keeping foods safe is easy! Here’s a guide for cooking meat, from highest to lowest temperature: You cook poultry to the […]

Lloyd A. Hall: Food Preservatives

Inventor of preservative chemicals Born in 1894, Lloyd Augustus Hall lived in a world with very little safeguards against food spoilage. He graduated top of his class in high school, where he was one of five Black students. Hall also attained a Bachelor of Science in pharmaceutical chemistry from Northwestern University in 1914, and did […]

George Crum: The Potato Chip

Inventor of the Potato chip George Crum, (born George Speck), invented the potato chip. Born in 1824, he grew up in New York. At the age of 25, started working at Moon’s Lake House, a high-end restaurant that served rich Manhattanites. This is where he would create his invention. The nickname “Crum” came about from […]

Alfred L. Cralle: The Ice Cream Scoop

Inventor of the Ice Cream Scoop Alfred L. Cralle was born in 1866 in Virgina, just after the end of the Civil War. As a result of his father’s profession as a carpenter, he developed an interest in mechanics. He is the inventor of the ice cream scoop. Cralle attended Wayland Seminary, founded by the […]

Joseph Lee: The Bread Crumber

US Patent Nos. 524,042; 540,553“The Automatic Bread Crumber”“The Bread-Making Machine” In 1849, Joseph Lee was born to enslaved parents in South Carolina. He lived most of his life in Boston, Massachusetts. He first worked as a servant. Lee later became employed as a steward in the U.S. Coast Survey. He made a name for himself in Black […]

Outdated Cookbooks

Before the internet came along, we used to find lots of recipes in cookbooks, for some, this is still the best source of inspiration, but beware, sometimes the information on these books can be outdated and they might not present the safest food handling and cooking tips. Cookbooks are lacking when it comes to food […]

There is no 5 second rule

The myth: If your drop any type of food while cooking/eating and pick it up before 5 seconds have passed, it will not be contaminated or catch any bacteria, and it’s safe to eat it. FALSE! There is no 5 second rule! Remember; when in doubt, throw it out! It does not matter if it […]

Beware of Using Damaged Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons, that common item we found in almost every kitchen in the world. They vary in size, shape, length and use, and we all love them. But, did you know that you should use your wooden spoons very cautiously? Wood is a porous material and absorption of water is a key factor in hygiene […]

Staph Food Poisoning and How to Prevent it

WHAT IS STAPH FOOD POISONING?  About 33 percent of us coexist peacefully with Staphylococcus bacteria (staph) during our day-to-day lives. These bacteria reside on our skin and in our noses, and as long as they stay put, they don’t cause any issues.  However, if these hardy little microbes escape and infect other areas of our bodies or […]

Food Handler Certificate success for ECE’s and Daycare Workers

Canadian Food Safety Training works with ECE’s at Sunview College in Brampton to become certificate food handlers. When you obtain your Food Handler Certificate before graduating you will be ready for your new placement.

Cooking For Life

The most important thing you will ever do in your life will be cooking; for yourself and others. Cooking is transformative… in so many ways. Food and water sustain life. What could be more important than sustaining life? Making sure that the food you are handling is not only safe but healthy should be your […]

Foodborne Outbreak

A single foodborne outbreak could cost a restaurant millions of dollars in lost revenue, fines, lawsuits, legal fees, insurance premium increases, inspection costs and staff retraining, a new study from researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests.

E.Coli In Your Burger?

With BBQ season around the corner, we wanted to share some information about E.coli and ground beef.

Outbreaks of E.coli have been associated with eating undercooked hamburgers, raw sprouts, or basically anything grown in contaminated water or soils.

Expired Food Handler Certificate?

With life being so busy, who has time to renew your food handler certificate? I recently read a great article called Time is Money – Meaning and Explanation. Like money, too, time, once lost, is gone forever. Hence, one should exercise due care while spending time. We should always try to make the best use […]

Don’t Be A “Typhoid Mary”

Did you know that you can be a carrier of a disease without showing signs or symptoms? Here is a story about a famous carrier called Typhoid Mary who carried typhoid and killed the people she fed by practicing bad hand hygiene. From 1900 to 1907, Mary Mallon worked as a cook in New York […]

Food Poisoning

Who is most at risk from getting food poisoning? We are all at risk of getting food poisoning and becoming ill from consuming pathogenic bacteria.Food poisoning, also called foodborne illness, is illness caused by eating contaminated food. Who are the most vulnerable people? Pregnant women People under 5 People older than 65 Immunocompromised people Symptoms Symptoms […]

Food Handlers And Handwashing

Wash well and wash often Food Handlers must practice proper handwashing procedures. Handwashing is required after touching your face or hair, eating or smoking, going to the bathroom, taking a phone call, handling money or raw meat, changing from one product to the next…. you get the picture? One of the most important things you […]

What Is The HPPA?

Heath Protection and Promotion Act The purpose of the Health Promotion and Protection Act or HPPA is to enhance the protection and promotion of the health of Ontarians. Did you know that the Health Protection and Promotion Act,  has been updated this year? read more Health Inspectors are the people who enforce the HPPA. While the thought […]

Deadly Food Allergies

Food allergies can be life threatening! When people with food allergies ask about ingredients in food, be sure to check with the chef or check the ingredients list. If the chef left for the day, is on break and you cannot locate the ingredients list. Be honest and say that you cannot be sure. Never […]

Arsenic Candy

Bradford Sweets, c.1868 The origins of Food Safety has been evolving for a long time in an effort to protect the public from accidental poisoning. In 1858 over 200 people were afflicted with arsenic poisoning in Bradford, England. 20 people are estimated to have died from consuming peppermint humbugs. It was reported that peppermint humbugs […]

Test Your Sanitizers

Test your sanitizers, it’s the law! Food Handlers need to be sure that you are storing and using your approved sanitizers safely. Your approved sanitizers; Quats, Bleach or Iodine, must be stored safely well away from food in a separate cabinet and tested regularly. If you are not sure how to use your sanitizers properly, […]

Fridges Can Make You Sick?

Sure they can! If they are not holding your food at a safe temperature. In order to follow Ontario’s food safety rules your fridge should never be higher than 4c. In order to follow Ontario’s food safety rules your fridge should never be higher than 4c. My first house I bought was an old fixer […]

No More Baked Potatoes In Foil – Botulism Risk

Potatoes in foil could easily become a botulism risk;  In 2018, Health Canada issued a health advisory about potatoes after an Ontario man contracted botulism from a baked potato. Mark Barley was almost totally paralyzed and temporarily lost his vision after taking several bites out of a potato at a Meaford, Ont., restaurant.   Because […]

NASA Invented HACCP?

Getting food poisoning is bad enough, who can image that at zero gravity? NASA had to come up with a pretty good plan With a collaborated effort between the Pillsbury Company, NASA, and the U.S. Army Laboratories they developed HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points The objective was to provide safe food for space […]

Food Recalls and Safety Alerts

Did you know you can stay up to date on Food Recalls in Canada? Well now you do and it is easy to stay informed! Here is a link to Recalls and Safety Alerts Canada, a Government of Canada website that sends out important information that needs to be shared with the Canadian Public. We all […]

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