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Expired Food Handler Certificate?

With life being so busy, who has time to renew your food handler certificate?

I recently read a great article called Time is Money – Meaning and Explanation.

Like money, too, time, once lost, is gone forever. Hence, one should exercise due care while spending time. We should always try to make the best use of time.‘Time and tide wait for no man’, says the proverb. If you use your stock of time rightly, it will hear your rich interest but if you waste this invaluable capital, it will make you poor indeed.

‘Take time by the forelock’ so as to reap the fullest benefit out of it. Lost time is gone forever and can never be recovered. It is on our own to use or to waste, and another cannot use it, neither can it he accumulated – ‘Time flies’.

Even if we do not literally think of time as money, the phrase ‘time is money’ nevertheless reminds us how valuable our time is. The importance of time cannot be estimated aright because it cannot be seen, hence its losses cannot be measured, and we are inclined to waste time as we should never waste money.

There are many ways in which time can be said to be money. Time is money in a literal sense: at work, we are paid for the time that we spend working. However, time is also money in a metaphorical sense: time and money are both precious things. And, in general, we often find that if we manage our time well, we find that we are able to manage our finances better as well. It is all about being disciplined and in control of our own lives. It is never too late to start with good time management and money management practices!

That’s why you came to the right place to renew your Food Handler Certificate. Canadian Food Safety Training is fast and we re open 6 days a week to serve you. Renewal Exams usually take less than one hour, card is ready when you pass. Training and Exam takes 4-5 hours, and we have a NO FAIL POLICY!

Your life is busy, you don’t have time to waste, call us today and renew your certificate today!