About Us


Canadian Food Safety Training Inc was created in 2007 through a partnership with government, industry, health, and education. We are members of the Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals.

Our goal is to protect the public’s health by educating food-handlers as to how and why food poisonings occur, and how to prevent them through proper food-handling.

Our Food Safety Training is recognized as equivalent to the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care, Food Handler Training Program Standards. We issue food handler certificates that are accepted by all Boards of Health in Ontario and valid for five years from date of issue. (View our accreditation)

Our Food Handler Certification training program discusses improper food handling practices which cause over 95% of all food poisonings, and how to reduce the risk of food poisoning through proper food handling. www.Canada.ca provides more information regarding food safety investigations and outbreaks and Ontario Public Health provides more information about food-borne illness testing.

Our training is presented in compliance with the AODA Service Standards offering a combination of instruction and discussion accompanied by slides, sample exam questions and videos. We are committed to providing inclusive training to the best of our ability. Following the course is a proctored exam containing 50 multiple choice questions; 70% is needed to pass.

Topics covered include; Ontario Food Premises Regulations, Contaminates and Food-borne Illness, Biological Contamination and Food-borne Illness, Growth of Micro-organisms, Safe Food Handling, Personal Hygiene, Time and Temperature Controls, Proper Use of a Thermometer, Allergies and Allergens, Proper Food Storage, Cooking and Cooling Foods, Housekeeping and Sanitation, Introduction to HACCP, How Microbes Cause Food Poisoning, Proper Receiving and Storing of Foods, (including food-handling steps such as cooking, cooling, reheating, cold and hot-holding and thawing). Here is a link to a Food Safety Guide provided by the Government of Ontario.


Certificates recognized by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care accepted by Toronto Public Health, October 1, 2017


Recognized as equivalent to the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care, Food Handler Training Program Standards;
Certificates are to accepted by all Boards of Health in Ontario


Accredited by the Medical Officer of Health, working in Partnership with Toronto Public Health