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Cooking For Life

The most important thing you will ever do in your life will be cooking; for yourself and others.

Cooking is transformative… in so many ways. Food and water sustain life. What could be more important than sustaining life?

Making sure that the food you are handling is not only safe but healthy should be your top priority. When you are cooking be sure to practice proper hand hygiene, sanitize all food contact surfaces, and choose only the freshest ingredients; you can be sure to create one of the healthiest meals there is.  Nothing is better than a meal cooked safely, from scratch and shared with friends or family.

There are so many benefits to eating a healthy diet that contains mostly fresh, whole foods. You can expect good health; increased happiness; increased energy and libido; healthy skin and hair. When we are healthy we tend to be happier too. When we are happy we tend to be more successful at everything we do.

At Canadian Food Safety Training you can learn more about safe food practices and get a Food Handler Certificate. It’s as easy as booking your training and getting certified.  


If you are still not sure why you need to learn more about food safety and the importance of healthy eating, here is an inspiring Ted Talk for you: