Frequently asked questions and answers

Why Is Food Safety Training Important?

Research has shown that food handlers who are trained in food safety are better equipped to comply with safe food handling and sanitation practices. This translates into reduced risk of foodborne illness in the community. Here is a recent report on the Return of Investment of Food Safety Training in Canadian Food Companies; Safe Food Canada. It is very important to stay up to date on information regarding Food Allergies and Food Recalls and Safety Alerts. When you attend our Food Safety Training we promise to keep you up to date.

Who should be trained & certified?

Anyone who is employed where food is prepared, processed, served, packaged or stored needs to understand and follow the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) and understand how serious, even life threatening food allergens can be. This includes employees at restaurants, fast food take-out, cafeterias, nursing homes, hot dog vendors and childcare facilities that prepare food or serve food.

Who would benefit by our ‘Certified Food Handler’ training course?

If you are currently working or planning to work as a cook, assistant cook, chef, server, caterer, baker, delivery person, dishwasher, restaurant owner or manager, hot dog or street vendor, receiver of foods, supervisor, stock person, nurse, nurses aid, personal support worker, nanny, early childcare worker, care giver. Here is a report from the Region of Peel on the Effectiveness of Manditory Food Handler Training.

What is the cost of the Training Course?

The cost of the Food Handler Certification Training is $90.00 ($79.65 + $10.35 HST) This includes training, food safety handbook, exam and a certificate.

Upon successful completion of exam: you will receive your food handler’s certification which valid for 5 years anywhere in Ontario.

We also provide in-house training in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, nursing homes and day care facilities. Group Rate Inquiry

How can I get certified?

Attend our Food Handler Certification course: after successfully passing our exam; you will receive your Food Handler Certification valid for 5 years. Certificate is issued on the same day once successfully achieving a passing grade of 70%.

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How difficult is the exam?

We conduct a practice test and full review during our training session in order to help you successfully achieve a passing grade. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions; passing grade is 70% or 35 out of 50. We are committed to dong our best to help our clients with AODA needs. If you have learning disabilities, are unable to read, have language barriers, or have hearing impairments contacts us to make arrangements for specialized training that will help you achieve your goals of becoming a certified food handler. Contact us

When will I receive my Food Handler Certificate?

It will be in your hand as soon as you pass the exam. Certificate is issued on the same day once successfully achieving a passing grade of 70%.

Our No Fail Policy

While most people pass our exam on their first try, if you take our training and do not pass you are welcome to return and either re-attend any of our regular scheduled training classes and/or self study and rewrite the exam at no extra cost to you!