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Test Your Sanitizers

Test your sanitizers, it’s the law!

Food Handlers need to be sure that you are storing and using your approved sanitizers safely. Your approved sanitizers; Quats, Bleach or Iodine, must be stored safely well away from food in a separate cabinet and tested regularly. If you are not sure how to use your sanitizers properly, get the info you need to be safe food handler.

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Equipment cleaning tips

It’s very important to make sure your kitchen equipment, work surfaces and dishes are clean and sanitized before they touch your food. At Canadian Food Safety Training we ensure that you and your staff learn the correct way to use, store and test your sanitizer in order to be a safe food handler. Learn more about our Food Handler Training.

Whether washing dishes by hand in a three compartment sink, or using a mechanical dishwasher you must always ensure that dishes and utensils and clean and sanitary to avoid spreading norovirus or hepititis, for example.

Here is a story about a recent Ontario Health Inspection that had a critical violation when sanitizers were not being used or tested properly.

Violation: Critical — Observed spray bottle of sanitizer in the meat department was measured at 0 PPM chlorine. Must be maintained at 50-100 PPM for effective sanitation. Corrected at time of inspection — Deli slicer was taken apart and cleaned. Discussed requirements with person in charge;

Here is a video that helps you to understand more about norovirus;

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