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Food Handlers And Handwashing

Wash well and wash often

Food Handlers must practice proper handwashing procedures. Handwashing is required after touching your face or hair, eating or smoking, going to the bathroom, taking a phone call, handling money or raw meat, changing from one product to the next…. you get the picture?

One of the most important things you do as a food handler is wash your hands!

In order to be able to practice proper hand hygiene all food premises are required to have handwashing sinks that are constantly stocked with liquid hand soap and paper towels. You can not use a hand sanitizer instead of washing your hands. the sanitizer may not be effective in killing spore-forming bacteria.

Change you gloves every-time you wash your hands

Gloves must be worn to cover cuts, sores, or bandaids. Hands must be washed before putting the gloves on as well. You need to change your gloves as frequently as you wash your hands.

Handwashing sinks are only to be used for handwashing

Prep sinks are for prepping, handwashing sinks are for handwashing – don’t mix! Heath inspectors may issue you a fine if you are not complying with these basic safe food handling practices.

At Canadian Food Safety Training, we provide education regarding proper hand hygiene and food premises requirements for handwashing sinks.

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