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Beware of Using Damaged Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons, that common item we found in almost every kitchen in the world.

They vary in size, shape, length and use, and we all love them. But, did you know that you should use your wooden spoons very cautiously?

Wood is a porous material and absorption of water is a key factor in hygiene and the prevention of bacterial growth. The less water is available, the less likely bacteria will grow and survive. Research has shown, that bacteria do in fact grow in wooden material. The correct way to keep your wooden spoons safe is to wash them immediately after cooking with a mild soap and hot water, and then letting them air dry (you want to avoid contamination from hand towels)

And even though we love our wooden spoons, you must know that when they start to split, crack or damage because of repeated use in very hot surfaces, or dishwasher cycles, you should replace them. Food could get trapped in the cracks and since those little dents are not easily accessible to washing or cleaning it could allow bacteria to grow in them.

If you own a restaurant, you may get a fine during your next health inspection that could also include a conditional pass from the Health Department. You don’t want that for sure!

At Canadian Food Safety Training we want you to get the facts and increase your awareness about potential food safety hazards in your food premises. Get you Food Handling Certificate today and get ready to be an expert on food safety!