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Did you know you can stay up to date on Food Recalls in Canada?

Well now you do and it is easy to stay informed! Here is a link to Recalls and Safety Alerts Canada, a Government of Canada website that sends out important information that needs to be shared with the Canadian Public. We all have an interest in staying informed on this important topic. Share this information with others, food safety is so vitally important to everyone. Why not be informed.

When a product is recalled or an advisory or an alert is issued, it means our surveillance tools are working. Our Food Safety system is protecting the public and that is the objective.

The majority of Canadians were unaware of some of the most significant food recalls in recent years According to a recent article in the Globe and Mail. read full article

The survey, conducted by Dalhousie University researchers, demonstrates that the vast majority of consumers significantly underestimate the frequency of recalls in Canada and display a general lack of awareness about a critical component of the country’s food safety system.

“When you think about food safety, I would argue the first thing people think about is food recalls,” the report’s lead author, Sylvain Charlebois, said. “It really is the most effective vehicle for risk communication and I honestly don’t think we’re taking full advantage of it.”

At Canadian Food Safety Training we stay on top of the latest Food Recalls and share this information with the people who participate in our Food Safety Training. We are committed to delivering current and relevant Food Safety Education to our customers. Knowledge, Confidence and Success that is our objective and that is what we deliver.  Click here to read more of our articles and stay in the loop.